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VSSL Hatchet

VSSL believes in making sure you're prepared for your adventures, and a hatchet is an essential tool, not only for survival situations but for wilderness exploration.
We've partnered up with master blacksmith, Timothy Dyck to bring a line of custom hand forged hatchets to the world. 
• 1.5lb (680 gram) axe head: Hand forged from tool steel (4140 Tool Steel - 4140 contains chromium - molybdenum, and carbon to ensure excellent hardenability against strong abrasion wear) 
• ~16” handle: Hickory. Each handle is hand shaped to blacksmith standards for tool ergonomics.
• Custom leather sheath
Each axe head is hardened in its entirety
Because of the extensive time required, most axe heads are only hardened at the bit (cutting edge).
Premium axes are hardened throughout so that the poll (butt) as well as the bit, can withstand heavy use over time with minimal degradation.

A properly tempered axe head suffers abuse without cracking and with minimal chipping.

Each axe head starts as a raw block of tool steel and is hand forged into the optimal shape. The heads are then quenched in oil to obtain ideal hardness.
Every hickory handles is hand fitted to each head to ensure the very best fit is achieved.
The handles are submerged for 24 hours in a mix of oil, and turpentine to help prevent the handles from shrinking and become loose in the axe head.

Hickory provides the best handle strength, and when properly mounted into the axe head can withstand significant torque.

I’ve been a blacksmith since I was 14 years old and it’s my trade’s time honored duty to craft functional tools that will outlast us as makers.
Life is not about being a consumer but rather being a good steward of what we have. My hope is that this hatchet honors these values.
May it serve you well, and when the time comes, please ensure it passes on to someone who also appreciates these values.