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Ignite Adventure

Who doesn’t love a good campfire? We’ve included two different fire-starting products to help you spark a flame in the most adverse conditions. In addition to a quick-igniting and long-lasting starter, kindling is crucial. The wire saw and razor are both excellent tools that will help you shave the kindling you need.

Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty LIFETIME WARRANTY


01 Pyro Putty

Spark a fire under any condition
  • Adhesive material sticks to any surface
  • Build six fires with a half-ounce tin
  • One nickel-size amount will burn 6-10 minutes
  • Weatherproof ignition works in hot, cold, wet, and wind

The heart of a campsite
You need a fire for cooking, cleaning, warmth, comfort, and companionship. This VSSL Supply Pack ensures you can spark that flame wherever you set up camp.
Tried. Tested. Trusted.
Our best-selling fire-starting kits have been tested and proven to work in the most severe conditions. The waterproof VSSL cylinder is backed by a lifetime warranty.


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