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National Geographic

Since when has survival gear been so cool and clever? VSSL is impeccably crafted take on the “be prepared” ethos


You probably keep a first-aid kit in your car already, but consider changing it out for this pre-filled canister


We prefer when gear fits just right. That's why we've ditched our boxy survival kits for this slim, tubed version


Must have camping gear for your summer adventure. If you’re hankering for the feel of old school technology, the flashlight form-factor of this range of survival gear will do more than scratch that itch


65 "Perfect Things" holiday gift guide


Having all your survival essentials together in one place makes it harder to forget that one thing you will inevitably forget


VSSL already makes some pretty cool equipment for the outdoorsmen


Top 10 gadgets for 2015


VSSL Flask Light is the future of drinking in the great outdoors


Three essential tools to make it out alive


WOULD WE BUY IT? Yes. In fact, we’d buy the other versions—First Aid, Shelter, and Zombies!—to pack the perfect bag without the bulk for our next outdoor excursion


...each packs all its included goodies into an 8" long, 2" diameter waterproof anodized aluminum cylinder that doubles as an LED flashlight


VSSLs are cylinders stashed with smaller cylinders stashed with everything you might need to survive and present yourself as functional in the outdoors


VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) packs a lot of utility into a rugged, waterproof container


VSSL Supplies, a smarter way to rough it


Just when I thought I’d seen all the best mashups technology has to offer, I run across the VSSL Flask Light


This Torch Survival Kit Is Perfect For A Lights-Out Apocalypse


Lug around critical emergency gear without having to think much about it with VSSL Supplies


VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools keeps all your emergency stuff neat and organized inside an anodized aluminum cylinder that doubles as a LED flashlight and it’s waterproof!


The innovative flashlight comes in several utility-containing formats: Supplies, Shelter, First-Aid and Zombie


Be Smart, Be Ready: The simple and sleek design features a series of round compartments that are used for storing said items, and allows for easy use and packing for those days in the woods


It is an essential piece of kit which would benefit anyone venturing outdoors with the potential of getting lost or injured


most flashlights don’t tout convenience quite like those in VSSL’s lauded series


... you, however, are from the future and can therefore use a flashlight with a handle stuffed full of everything from survival gear to first aid equipment to an emergency shelter.


These survival canisters are one of the coolest new products to hit the outdoor gear market.


Todd has distilled a lifetime of outdoors experience into a small, but powerful package.


What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear


If you’re more outdoorsy than I am, you might want to look into buying a VSSL Supplies survival kit for your next outdoor adventure


it’s like having Bear Grylls in your pocket


Whether you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, or if you are preparing for the future emergencies, having the critical supplies you need is essential. This compact weather-resistant case will help you prepare


Known as the VSSL Outdoor Tool, these multifaceted containers are ideal for the end of the world survival


VSSL product is a preparedness-in-a-can to suit any survival situation


the fine people at VSSL have attempted to fix that problem by creating a sleek survival Supplies Cylinder which contains everything you need


You probably keep a first-aid kit in your car already, but consider changing it out for this pre-filled canister


A company called VSSL, pronounced vessel, came up with a brilliant idea to utilize form of a maglite and the function of a survival gear carrying case


Redefine your survival gear with a VSSL kit


The VSSL Supplies unit contains the outdoor gear you need for short-term excursions


Gift's your dad actually wants for Father's Day


VSSL will be your best friend


29 Insanely Clever Products That Will Make You Want To Go Camping


Hands down, the VSSL Cache is the most versatile piece of gear that I’ve seen for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Behold, the most amazing thing to ever happen to a flashlight!

Professional Reviews

FieldCraft Survival

Mike Glover US Special Forces:  I ran my VSSLs through the paces. Loving their compact and rugged abilities.

Jeff Cress

US Air Force Veteran, USAF Wilderness Survival School instructor:  What really impressed me is that VSSL chose higher quality components than what is typically found in most kits. The durable design makes it ideal for your vehicle, hunting gear, or bug out bag.

Jillian A. Brown

Professional Kayak instructor:  My VSSL survival kit has become an essential in my pack. Small and light, putting my mind at ease with the knowledge of having all I need in most an emergency. It goes everywhere with me from hiking in the backcountry to kayaking on the ocean.

David Lottmann

US Infantry Marine, and currently serves as an expert Wilderness Navigation Instructor, Climbing Guide and instructor, and Mountain Rescue Service Team Member:  It’s obvious that this company is carefully considering everything that goes into this product. It will definitely be grabbed during short impromptu trips where I plan to be back in a few hours anyways. I think it will also become a standard in our vehicle, as driving to remote places in the winter always has me second guessing our level of preparedness in the event of a break-down in sparsely populated areas.

David Polczynski

Former U.S. Marine, a Sigma 3 Certified Survival Instructor and Wilderness school instructor:  For those who appreciate form and function the VSSL Supplies Survival Kit is a nice kit for those that wants a practical, portable, and tough, preloaded kit for hunting, camping, backpacking, outdoor adventures, bug out bags, vehicles or general emergency preparedness.

Jason Mulloy

US Coast Guard Captain, Alaskan climbing guide, big wave surfer, Baja 1000 finisher:  The VSSL packs everything I need for my short term trips. I won't go anywhere without it when I'm out in the wild.

Mark Kemsley, OBE

Former RAF Squadron Commander, Deputy Head of UK MoD Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Capability, UK Ministry of Defence:  My VSSL has been a valued asset with me in various parts of the world (hospitable and inhospitable).

Rachel Ahtila

Professional big game hunting guide:  It’s exactly what you need to aid you in those ‘Just incase’ circumstances. It’s a go to list of survival gear that can be stored and left in the elements. As a guide, it can be stored inside or out, I don’t have to worry about it rusting, or getting damaged with regular horse packing and all around daily abuse. The best part about it, is that it not only works for my lifestyle, but that of my family. My mum is an adventure skier and does backcountry patrol. My dad is the great Canadian all round hunter, backcountry adventurer, motorcyclist, and hiker. It is a no-brainer for any member of the family. We all store the emergency kit in our vehicles when we are not exploring our own domains. It’s simple diversity is what makes it a perfect addition to your kit.


I'm infantry in the Canadian Military and I'm also a survival instructor for the last 8 years for our military. Recently we went to Labrador in Canada for training. During this time we faced extremely cold temperature, around -45 degrees and I wouldn't do that without my VSSL supplies kit. Because I know I can rely on it to help me in extreme conditions. As a survival instructor I see and review a lot of equipment and from my opinion the VSSL is THE best survival kit you can purchase on the market. It's so convenient, really user friendly, unlike many other survival kits. With the VSSL kit, you need something you can purchase only that piece you need to replace. It is well identified. I've got a couple of VSSL survival kits for my house, truck and backpack. It gives me comfort knowing I'm prepared with quality equipment.

Jim Shockey

Professional big game hunter:  My own survival “kit” has been inside a ziplock bag for the last 20-years. So your product is exactly what I’d needed!!! I get a lot of products sent to me and very, very few are useful. Plus most come as rough versions of what they could be. Your product came with great packaging and the actual product has a really cool “Form follows function” look. Not junky or doo dadded up. It’ll be coming with me on every trip that I need survival gear, especially up in the Yukon.


Scott Strachan (Eagle Scout): Not only does it have a wide array of survival tools all in a compact space it just looks cool.

Devin Stephens: VSSL has put a lot of thought and engineering into their light, and this has created one of the best LED flashlight devices on the market!!!

Lawyeraau: This is a well-designed, high quality product.

Spencer Seattle: I haven't had this much fun with a survival kit in a good long time.

Juror #6: The quality and utility of the contents puts this in a completely different class

Russell: I will buy more products

Nate (Top Amazon Reviewer): This is an exceptionally high quality, well-designed survival set that is built to last for a very long time.

CBD: Love the aesthetic of this product. The utility is similar to other survival kits, but the form factor/organization of this one is superior.

Survive_orDIE: One word, impressive!

Jason Allen: I love mine and I've already pre-ordered the supplies VSSL from their website. This thing is amazing!

Meymoon: This little kit is simply amazing.

Renee Cote: The coolest products (got them all) and all promises kept. It was a great trip. Thanks.

R. Adams: Just got my VSSL in the mail today. This thing is awesome. The build quality is great.

Mav Boldger: Form and function … both solid.

Stephen Moodhe: I was not expecting the quality of this kit to be as good as it is; very good

Hoze928: Got my VSSL shelter limited edition yesterday very nice everything works perfect heavy duty. Going in my GO bag great job guys!!!

Daniel Hermanson: Bear Grylls in a can.

Michael Jolley: Very efficient packaging in a nice slick container. Definitely a plus for outdoor activities

Lucas Morrow: Great idea for a fully functional product

Alex Kritikos: Packing efficiently is part of the fun for me. And this - this is some efficient packing right here.

Bob Tobias: It is amazing how much stuff is crammed into this compact, solid metal tube

Thrive_Alive: This is as good as I've ever seen

Beau Smith: Having this in a tube really seems to me, to be the smartest method, it can be carried, strapped and packed. I can't think of anything that's missing.

James Otto: I am really diggin how the contents are packaged. Very organized and you don't need to make a mess out of the kit in order to use one of the products.

Julie Dentrin: Far better than I was expecting

Dr. Oceanfront: Brilliant brushed metal and a very high quality feel to the product

Tory Ling: Received mine yesterday, couldn’t be happier.

Travis Boyd: I just checked out the rest of their line, pretty awesome stuff.

Bassocanter: All in all, an outstanding product. Love the precise fit and construction.

Grant Baker: Extremely well considered contents.

Bane Tech: Very cool product worth having

Mike Aversa: This thing is awesome. Small package, critical items

Nick Benson: Just got mine. Great idea and great build quality.

Tracy Altman: Every man on my gift list is getting one of these!